MINSKMETROSTROY eagerly encourages its employees to be active. The sportive portion of our social benefit package includes: :
Regular competitions in basketball, billiards, football, table tennis, volleyball, chess, checkers. We pay a part or full of the rent for swimming pools and indoor stadiums and gyms for our teams to train, which in return brings various trophies.

Swimming pool membership with a significant corporate discount, rented indoor stadiums for competitive sports Admittance to an annual tourist jamboree traditionally held by the company in picturesque sites of Belarus. To pass a belt of obstacles, to compete in strength and agility – is not it fun !

Each year completes our schedule with new events. There are always an intensive programme, surprises, universal joy and cheer. We actively practise team building in whatever form. To celebrate a colleague’s birthday in informal way, to select the best New-Year decoration… Our people always willingly participate in local team building activities, thus, forming a friendly community of professionals. Traditional celebrations on 8 March and 23 February are not limited to routine exchange of cakes and congratulations. Here in MINSKMETROSTROY it is always bright and remarkable: surprises, presents, never-ending sequence of festive activities and smiling faces. The selection of recreation activities is not frozen. We are always open to new proposals and eager to implement them..