Underground building is a most difficult and laborious task in construction. And MINSKMETROSTROY has hitherto 40 years dedicated to it.
We build metro, the most efficient, rapid and eco-friendly transport solution, the best option for big cities. Today Minsk underground transfers approximately 800 thousand people daily, which is one-third of all passenger traffic in the city.
Minsk is a tough planning, engineering and geological environment to make a metro: dense building, abundant engineering networks, unstable waterlogged soils, underground pressure-circulating waters, chemical aggression, etc. Building in such conditions requires tailored solutions and unique techniques.
The construction works gave birth to the following novelties for the national underground building: sub-surface stations with load-bearing elements made by Wall-in-the-Soil technique, reinforced concrete tunnel lining with rigid longitudinal ties, design and technique for metro station construction of large standardized premanufactured units, design and execution of rubber vibration insulation to shield the engineering building against exposure to rolling stock (the same technique used to protect architectural monuments above), etc.



To make tunnels in a challenging engineering and geological environment, we have a tunnel boring machine (TBM) by BESSAK (France) and other special machines: crane lorries and heavy-duty special-purpose chassis cranes, dump trucks, mixer lorries, concrete pumps (including self-propelled track laying machines), mobile power plants, drilling rigs, grabbing hydraulic-wedge excavators, front-end loaders. Dedicated departments build tunnels and metro stations by cut-and-cover or trenchless methods in any hydrogeological conditions, using various machines..

MINSKMETROSTROY offers the following construction and installation services:

Construction and reconstruction of underground railways, shafts, tunnels and other special infrastructure;
Network rearrangement;
Excavation shoring by Wall-in-the-Soil technique;
Bore piling, pilot boring;
Soil excavation and transporting;
Vibrational pulling metal girder and butment down and up;
Excavation pit anchorage;
Horizontal directional boring.

Underground tunnel building

MINSKMETROSTROY builds underground tunnels by both cut-and-cover and trenchless methods.

Гарантия качества
Our company has introduced and effectively applies a construction quality control system. We have a dedicated quality control department including a construction laboratory approved by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus – Gosstandart. Since 2007 MINSKMETROSTROY has been applying a quality management system, ISO 9001:2015 certificate of conformity No. 16.1254.026 dated 30 August 2017


Building the first section of the 3rd Minsk Metro Line between Korzhenevskogo Street and Yubileinaya Ploshcha, including a depot. Phase 2. Land development (Korzhenevskogo Street – Zhukovskogo Street). Recorded 25.05.2018





(Moskovskaya, 15 stations)


(Avtozavodskaua, 14 stations)


(under construction)