1973. A feasibility study followed by a design project was developed for Minsk Metro, Phase I: 8 stations from Instytut Cultury to Maskouskaya, a depot, and an engineering building. The project was approved by a Decree of the Council Of Ministers of the USSR in 1976. On 4 February 1977 the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued an order to start construction of a metro lineinMinsk.












30 June 1984, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Minsk liberation from the Nazis during the Second World War, regular traffic was launched on the First Minsk Metro Line between Instytut Cultury and Maskouskaya stations. The line was 7.84km long, consisted of eight stations and a depot. Exploitation experience had proved it insufficient, and, therefore, in 1986 the line was extended by 1.71km to Uskhod station. Second line construction started in 1985.
The first section of six stations, from Frunzenskaya to Traktarny Zavod, 6.12km long, was commissioned for regular use in 1990.

Further expansions:

1995 – Second line extension by 2.92 km to Pushkinskaya station. Two stations added;

1997 – Second line extension by 3.55 km from Traktarny Zavod to Autazavodskaya station. Two stations added;

2001 – Second line extension by 1.796 km from Autazavodskaya station to Magiliouskaya station;

2003 – A depot at Magiliouskaya station added;

2005 – Second line extension by 3.93 km from Pushkinskaya station to Kamennaya Gorka station. Three stations added;

2007 – First line extension by 2.69 km from Uskhod station to Uruccha station. Two stations added;

2012 – First line extension by 5.12 km from Instytut Cultury station to Piatroushchyna station. Three stations added; 3 June;

2014 – First line extension by 1.85 km from Piatroushchyna station to Malinauka station.