MINSKMETROSTROY pays much attention to ideology, which is directly supervised by Deputy General Director for Ideology, Oleg Klimentievich BOICHUK.
The main aim of ideological activities at the company is to unite the staff, to form the moral and psychological climate, a “healthy collective spirit” to solve the current tasks of improving quality and enhancing competitiveness. The staff as a whole is not the only subject to ideological activity, but separate categories of employees, too. It is promoted at construction sites, in precast concrete factory shops, at the Rudensk subsidiary farm, in dealing with public institutions and, if required, even individual employees. Sense of discipline, answerableness and fidelity to the company, high professional competence are key factors for an efficient business. Health and job safety for every employee is essential, too. And fitness and sport are the best way to improve health.

This is a priority at our company.Generally, the ideologic activities at MINSKMETROSTROY are intended to make the staff manageable, mobile, ready to solve challenging job tasks

The essential factors influencing the solution of production tasks are health protection and creation of safe working conditions for each member of labor collective. The most important means of strengthening of health of workers — the organization of sports and improving and sports work. This direction in labor collective of the enterprise is priority.

Best worker award ceremony on Builder’s Day



On 19 April 2018 MINSKMETROSTROY became the venue for the ideologic party of Partyzanski district within a Joint Information Day. Deputy General Director Oleg Boichuk made a speech and presented a slide show prepared by the ideology department monthly for Joint Information Days proposed by the municipal administration . “The information in full goes to the management and, reduced, to all departments of our company,” said Mr Boichuk. “When required, we complete the basic data with internal information. Underground constructors always can get response to their relevant issues on whatever corporate or national topic.”

Head of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes in Partyzanski district of Minsk, Denis Shamshurka, spoke to the attended this time, for the Joint Information Day was dedicated to the fight against corruption as a major task of the state and society. Mr Shamshurka explained to the assembly how corruption is treated by the Belarusian law*, told about today’s specifics and national statistics of corruption crimes.

The officer in details described the criminal situation in Partyzanski district for the last two years. In particular, 75 criminal cases were opened in 2016, including 29 grave offenses and 34 corruption crimes.37 were imprisoned. In 2017 the number of corruption crimes jumped to 102 (out of 153 total crimes), and 51 were imprisoned.

The police service investigated illegal realty privatisation schemes applied to state owned apartments, frauds in medical institutions, catering and public services, falsification of salary statistics, etc. Offenses related to power and authority abuse (exploitation of labour, exactions, bribery) became more common. Meanwhile, not only the guilty are subject to criminal cases, but those who keep silence and do nothing (omission of an official), as well. Denis Shamshurka repeated his appeal to the ideology providers and advised them to distribute the notion that those who voluntarily report extortion are relieved from prosecution, otherwise both briber and bribee are punished.

And the President is unequivocal about this: “Whatever we do in the society, whichever regulation we have, however advanced is our government and economy, but off-scale corruption, if unfought, like in certain countries we all know, will prevent all progress and promotion. Corruption is a horrible corrosion that needs to be plucked out.” .

By N. Khatskevich