Unity is a security of effective work of any team. And public associations play important roles in it. The priorities of the corporate management and the union include fair labour, social and economic environment for the employees.

MINSKMETROSTROY union committee is very actively involved in cultural, educational, touring, preventive, health-improvement and sportive activities of the company. The primary trade union organisation at MINSKMETROSTROY unites more than 2000 union members. Natalia Viktorovna TOLSTIK is the president of the union committee.

Trade union activities include, but not limited to, elaboration, approval and supervision over performance of the collective agreement, the basic agreement between an employer and an employee. The collective agreement implies certain extra privileges and guarantees, like healthcare aid, anniversary benefits, wedding and baby bonuses, three years parental allowance, occupational disease or severe injury coverage, funeral benefits.

A separate collective agreement section is dedicated to social protection of veterans and the retired, which is an important matter for employees dedicated to underground construction. .

Out team grows younger, and for a young employee housing is an issue. To assist them, a housing loan regulation has been adopted .

Those in need to improve their housing conditions are registered, and living space (including residential hotels) are distributed in legal order at joint meetings of the employer and the union committee. MINSKMETROSTROY administration in conjunction with the trade union and fitness and sports association presided by Vasily Ivanovich GEMBITSKY traditionally arrange all-season competitions in 9 sports and off-site sportive events in order to provide the employees with an opportunity of active recreation, to involve them in fitness and sport, to promote healthy lifestyle.

On May 18, 2019 the sports festival for metrostroyevets in the estate "White Streams" was spen